The world is adopting a price for emitting greenhouse gases. As carbon emissions become more expensive, businesses turn to us to help them become more energy efficient and climate-neutral.

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We can help you proactively mitigate carbon prices. We help biomass producers invest in biomass dryers to increase the energy efficiency of their products, or pellet plants to allow export of fuels. We help manufacturers invest in biomass boilers, leading to a reduction in boiler-related carbon dioxide emissions. This also enables companies to use locally-produced fuels, reducing fuel costs and improving their local economy.

We offer financial and feedstock feasibility assessments, taking future carbon costs into account to ensure appropriate returns on capital. We can also provide off-balance sheet funding, corporate finance or energy service providers to fund the capital and supply heat and/or power. We can use our extensive supplier network and local teams to source local and sustainable biomass through stable, long-term agreements. We can provide enhanced transparency and sustainability verification across the whole biomass supply chain.

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